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Balloon Race Winners

Thank you to everyone who entered our Fun Day Balloon Race this year. We're happy to announce the winner of the £100 Gift Voucher is Justin McKee with the winning Balloon being sold in the Glen Bar.

Justin's making a habit of this after winning one of the Loughgiel tops earlier this year, he'll be going for the treble in the Christmas draw no doubt! Many thanks to all our balloon sellers and to those who found labels and reported back to us. The balloons all went in a north east direction so we think a lot of them probably ended up in the sea off the north coast, the winner was found near Marconi's Cottage on the walk towards Fairhead, Ballycastle. Thanks to the person who found the balloon label, they have generously forfeited the finder's prize and asked for this to be donated back to the Foundation.

Thanks to Marian O'Hagan for the generous donation of a voucher for The Armada Restaurant, we are awarding this to Margo in the Glen Bar as a thank you for selling so many balloons and a reward for selling the winner.


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