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Karl goes to WAAR for the Foundation!

Karl Kehoe - WAAR 2017

In a recent Facebook update we congratulated Karl Kehoe on his great performance in the 'Wild Atlantic Adventure Race' in North West Donegal. This race comprised of four disciplines, a Run, Hike, Bike & Kayak making up an exhausting 55.5K route. Karl completed the race in an impressive time of 3hrs 21mins 👌🏅

Karl took part in the event to raise money for the ongoing work of the 'Shane Mulholland Foundation' and we are delighted to announce that he has recently presented the Foundation with a whooping £1040 (£800 + €275). We'd like to take this opportunity to again offer Karl our sincere thanks for all the effort he put into the race and also in fundraising before the event. Thanks also go to all his sponsors, your continuing support for the work of the Foundation is greatly appreciated! #uallach

If you're inspired by Karl's achievements and you're planning to take part in any upcoming events we'd be delighted if you choose to use it as an opportunity to support the work of the Foundation. We're happy to provide sponsorship forms and T-Shirts and to publicise your plans to help spread the word to potential sponsors. Every donation helps, large or small, indeed the ongoing success of the Foundation is very much dependent on the individual efforts of our many supporters. We're pleased to say that we already have people committed to participating at the Tough Mudder event in Vancouver this weekend and in the Giant's Causeway Sportive Cycling event on 9th September 2017, if you want to add your name to the list please get in touch! Details of the Causeway Sportive are available at the link below...


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