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Arrangements for the Fairhead Abseil

Take the Cushendall Road/A2

Turn left onto Torr Road at Hunter's Pub

Turn left onto Fairhead Road

Turn left after approx 1.3 miles

Follow the Signs for the Car Park at Sean's farm.


The event site is approx one mile from the car park. We'll be providing transport from the car park to the site for anyone who requires it. Contact numbers will be provided on a notice in the car park so just give someone a call when you arrive and we'll come and pick you up, if you prefer to walk up just follow the lane from the car park.

The safety of everyone attending is our number one priority. All participants will be under the care and supervision of experienced instructors throughout the abseil. You will be required to read and sign a Disclaimer Form when you arrive. If you are visiting the event you are very welcome but please be mindful that the location is dangerous, you are entirely responsible for your own safety and should be vigilant at all times especially when approaching the cliff edge. Visitors will also be able to watch the abseil from the bottom of the cliffs, we'll show you how to get down there when you arrive.

We'll be crossing open farm land therefore no dogs will be allowed on site. Participants and visitors should wear suitable footwear and clothing. The weather forecast is cloudy but dry for the entire day so hopefully conditions should be perfect.


The abseilers will be arriving in two groups as arranged, there is no particular order beyond that, some people may be keen to get on with it straight away and others may need a bit more time and encouragement! We all appreciate how daunting a task it will be at the top of the cliff so don't worry about being nervous, we'll all be there to encourage and support you as much as possible! Good luck to everyone taking part, we hope you enjoy the experience and the great sense of achievement you'll get when you have completed the abseil. Thanks again for your support for the Foundation.

Here's a copy of the Disclaimer Form for anyone who wants to take the time to read this before the event.


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