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Abseil Schedule

The countdown is on for next Sundays Fairhead Abseil Fundraiser. Over 30 brave souls will be stepping over the edge of Fairhead in aid of the Foundation. Thanks and best wishes to all our valiant volunteers and thanks also to those who have already sponsored our participants and a reminder that it's not too late, a full list of all those taking part is available below so please get in touch with them to offer your support!

Ciaran Kinney will be supervising and instructing on the day to keep everyone safe and well so just a reminder to everyone taking part and to those who are coming to offer support to please adhere to any requests or instructions given on the day.

The Event will start at 9.30 am and run until approximately 6pm, we'll have a break from 1pm to 2pm to have some refreshments. We have split the abseilers into two groups and would ask that you try to come at the starting time for your group, we'll be as flexible as possible with the order within each group but would like to have you all together at some point for photographs etc.

The groups are as follows:

MORNING GROUP - 9.30am to 1pm

Ronan McAuley Padraig McAuley Eddie McCormick Gary McAuley Mark Hughes Oonagh McKillop Vanessa Mulholland Justin Gilheaney Claire Winterson Gilheaney Ashton Gilheaney Colm Gilheaney Ollie Donegan Eileen McCann Ross Anderson Dawid Buczma Andrew Getty.

AFTERNOON GROUP - 2pm to 6pm

Germaine Waide Gerard Waide Treasa Ni Giolla Chatain Joanne McIlhatton Stephen McAuley Aaron Smiley Sapphire Dudley Michael Morrison Sean Burns James Burns Darren Turtle

Johnny Mulholland Julie Higgins Brenda Mullan Kerry McErlain

We're looking forward to seeing you all there, if anyone has any last minute problems or questions just get in touch.


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