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We're privileged to have so many engaged volunteers working together to support the work of the Foundation. Over the last year we've been inspired by your willingness to take on many different physical challenges by participating with the Team at Baronscourt or taking part in another event to raise funds for the Foundation. We have benefited from the skills and talents of our event organisors and the generosity of all who contributed time and money to support and sponsor our fundraisers throughout the year.

We are currently working on our plans for the next year and look forward to announcing some new ventures over the coming weeks. We are ambitious to build upon our early work but are very aware that this will only be possible with your continued help and support. We hope to entice even greater numbers to get involved this year and look forward to working with you all.

We are all learning as we go along and would love to hear from you have experience in fundraising or organising events. We aim to make all our events enjoyable and fun for those who attend or participate and should you become involved we trust that your efforts will prove to be as rewarding for you as they are for all who will benefit from the funds raised.

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